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Basic IT-security

Basic IT-security for business


The solution includes a necessary set of utilities and services for a safe and confidential business operation. The remote desktop allows the use of messaging apps, to work with confidential data, and to connect to the Internet network with an anonymous IP address. The system is easily scalable and provides the necessary access, administration, and security controls.


Emergency shutdown

Emergency disconnect of the system via SMS/E-MAIL.

Safe access

Secure channels: IPSec, OpenVPN and WireGuard.

Remote desktop

Safe work with data, use of applications 1C, Office, CRM, etc., confidential access to the Internet network.

Data security

The client's data is stored in the data-center of Israel.

Secure email and VoIP-accounts

VoIP and email-accounts of up to 5 users and a 5 GB limit.

IP-telephony and chat

Secure communication channels between the users of the system.