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Comprehensive IT-security for business 

IT-security for business 


Fully configured service package for the most secure, confidential, and productive business conduct. The entire system is carried out of the country of residence into the data-center in Israel, which provides a secure and fast access to data and applications.


Individual IP-address

Communication channels are connected through various access points, which creates uncorrelated connections.

Remote «Client-Bank»

Guarantees confidentiality and reflects the required geolocation.

Emergency shutdown

Emergency disconnect of the system via SMS/ E-MAIL, or other arranged methods.

Remote desktop

Continuous access, remote work with data, use of the applications 1C, office, CRM, etc.

Access and data security

Secure access channels: IPSec, OpenVPN, and WireGuard.

Secure dedicated mail server

Option to restrict access to work from a remote desktop, VPN, or with outside access.

IP-telephony and chat

Secure communication channels between the system users. The option to connect to an international telephone network (in accordance with the legislation and tariffs in the client's country of arrival).
The “Remote Desktops” system is integrated with internet banking, CRM, email servers, etc. The data backup and its secure replication to independent storage points, the option of emergency shutdown or switchover, of either the entire system or its various nodes, provides your business the utmost protection against outside threats.