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Information security center 

Information security center 

The main task – to provide the company with information security
through continuous monitoring of the system's state, timely detection and elimination of threats, as well as the continuous improvement of the security system. 

Protection against internal threats

- Software vulnerabilities;
- Irregular user activity.

Protection of external threats

- Malware (viruses, Trojans);
- Unauthorized access (password-guessing, etc.);
- DoS/ DDoS attacks.

Visualized portal

- Monitoring the system's security status in real time;
- Control over user activity.

System scan

- Detection of vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications, network devices, hypervisors, databases, and WEB servers.

In recent years, the rise in rates of cyber-attacks aimed at individual
people, as well as at infrastructures of enterprises, clearly demonstrates the relevance of providing information security. Traditional security solutions such as antivirus, firewalls, etc., are no longer sufficient due to the complexity of the implemented attacks, as well as the constant refinement of the methods and means of their execution.